The major trail milestone in 2016 was opening the portion of trail from Pilgrim Creek Road to Esperanza Road.  New trail decking on the Mud Creek Bridge enables users to safely cross the creek.  Opening this two-mile section gives a continuous 28 miles of recreational opportunity – Pilgrim Creek Road east to Bartle Wye, then north to Hambone.

In November an additional four miles of trail on the north end of the Burney line were opened, when the Dirt Team installed new decking on Moosehead Creek Bridge.  This section – Bartle Wye south to the Bartle Gap Road – opens recreational opportunities to the upper McCloud River and Moosehead Creek area.

An additional 24 miles will be opened when the Dry Creek bridge is re-decked after snowmelt this coming spring.  This will open the trail from Bartle Gap Road to Cayton.  The woods in all their spectacular glory are on display along the trail which, in this section, parallels Highway 89 south from Bartle toward Burney.





April is the president of the Great Shasta Rail Trail Association and McCloud Local First. When she is not volunteering her time and expertise to the McCloud community, she is probably at home cooking superb gourmet meals.

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