Trail Planning

The Great Shasta Rail Trail (GSRT) Planning Team was formed by the Core Team to develop a “trail concept plan.”    Barbara Rice, Program Manager, National Park Service, Rivers, Trails, & Conservation Assistance Program, provided  facilitation services, under a grant to the McCloud Local First Network.

The GSRT Planning Team convened on March 23, 2012.  Team members, representing more than 30 organizations, described their organizations, volunteered interests, skills and resources, and started work developing a vision statement.  Ms. Rice presented a draft work plan, outlining steps that will lead to completion of the Trail Concept Plan:

1.  Develop a planning team and engage effectively in Great Shasta Rail Trail planning, building long term commitment.

2.  Collaboratively develop a GSRT planning framework (vision, goals, and guidelines)

3.  Prepare a project background and existing conditions summary

4.  Comlete a major issues summary and opportunities and constraints analysis

5.  Prepare a conceptual GSRT design, integrating partner and community input.

6.  Assure substantive community engagement to inform the planning and design process and to build community support and long term engagement

7.  Prepare recommendations for trail management and stewardship

8.  Prepare a trail implementation strategy that includes project and program priiorities, andcharts next steps.

9.  Produce the final Great Shasta Rail Trail concept plan.

The April 17, 2012 meeting celebrated the signing of the Purchase Agreement (Shasta Land Trust on behalf of the Core Team and the owner of 4 Rails, the property owner) and reviewed the planning framework.  Comments on the draft vision statement were recorded.  Small groups formed to give input on draft goals and guidelines.  A tour of the rail trail was planned.