Save Burney Falls Directs Web Visitors to GSRT

Save Burney Falls, the non-profit organization which began the efforts to develop a rail-trail between Burney and the McArthur- Burney Falls Memorial State Park, and led the Core Team in its efforts to develop the 80 mile trail, withdrew from active participation on the Core Team earlier this year.  Deciding that the mission of the organization had been accomplished, the Board of Directors of Save Burney Falls elected a new Board of Directors.  The new Board adopted an expanded mission and purpose and re-named the organization “Great Shasta Rail Trail Association.”

Because “Save Burney Falls” no longer exists, and because of its long efforts to develop the rail-trail, visitors to the Save Burney Falls web site are being directed to this Great Shasta Rail Trail site.


April is the president of the Great Shasta Rail Trail Association and McCloud Local First. When she is not volunteering her time and expertise to the McCloud community, she is probably at home cooking superb gourmet meals.

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