PG&E will bring trucks to the trail

Head’s up Shasta County trail users:  The Great Shasta Rail Trail Association has granted a temporary construction easement to PG&E so that they may access their property to remove scrap railroad ties.  This work will occur on a parcel of land between Clark Creek Road (north) at Cayton to the Lake Britton Ramp Road (Jamo Point Boat Launch on Lake Britton).  They will put up signs when they are working to warn trail users that motor vehicles (pick-up trucks and a larger truck with a wench) will be using and/or crossing the trail.  The work will begin early in June and will take about a week to complete.  Please stay alert and be safe!


April is the president of the Great Shasta Rail Trail Association and McCloud Local First. When she is not volunteering her time and expertise to the McCloud community, she is probably at home cooking superb gourmet meals.

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